Pakistan real estate sector holds charm for local and overseas investors due to the availability of good infrastructure in leading cities, new investment avenues backed by the government, and promising returns. Moreover, the current government is committed to provide various investment channels along with a safe and conducive environment to make the country welcoming for international investors. This is what makes Pakistan real estate sector appealing to foreign investors, who flock to experience it and tend to inject investment there.

Under the partnership, “Emirates Developers” a new real estate development company has been incorporated in Pakistan, which will look after parent companies’ ventures in this country. Emirates Developers are said to build mixed-use resort-themed communities at the tourist destinations in Pakistan, following international construction protocols.

Emirates Developers will develop a series of high-end resort-style apartments and fully-serviced residences including one, two, and three bedroom apartments, hotel suites, and penthouses. These projects will follow the highest levels of construction and be complemented with world-class facilities such as round-the-clock concierge services, on-demand house help staff, fine dining options, rooftop restaurants, sports courts, gyms, swimming pools, kids’ play areas and 24/7 security and surveillance. The first mega project will be launched soon at a tourist spot in Pakistan, and details will be revealed soon. Emirates Developers are expected to hold a press conference in Islamabad, Pakistan at the beginning of 2022. A majority of real estate experts are waiting for the details of the projects and so are the investors. Stay tuned as we will keep updating you with the latest information about Emirates Developers’ activities in Pakistan real estate sector.

Pakistan is now ready for international real estate investment. The $51.5 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is currently under construction, and the advantages will cascade to the real estate market. For international investors wishing to diversify, the country provides a high potential return on investment. Overseas investors will continue to pay careful attention as the new tax laws make the real estate industry more open and controlled.

Foreigners residing in Pakistan are often discouraged from renting or purchasing property in Pakistan because they are forced to go through a lengthy and inefficient procedure that might take months to complete. The method is described in full in the following piece, as well as why the government has to ease it in order to encourage foreign investment in Pakistan’s real estate market.

Pakistan’s economy is rapidly developing, and as a result, abroad Pakistanis are investing in a variety of areas. Pakistan’s economy is simply the tip of the iceberg, with several prospects for abroad Pakistanis in agricultural, retail, IT, energy, tourism, and financial services.