Home décor trends in 2022 are going to be all about functional spaces with a pop of color. This is because during the last almost two years, people have been spending all of their time at homes which necessitates them to look at it as their sanctuary. While 2022 is expected to change all of this, the covid-19 pandemic has made it necessary to look at homes a little differently.

With Covid vaccination, year 2021 has renewed our senses of hope and positivity, therefore, according to design experts people will see a lot of sky blue design elements everywhere in 2021. Sky blue is a color of hope and this is the most associated feeling with the new year and that’s why Etsy has declared sky blue as the Color of the Year 2021.

People are excited to begin New Year with hope but they do not want to take anything for granted. They are looking for creative ways to transform less-used spaces in the home and incorporating furniture pieces that can play double role. It means 2021 will be all about affordable luxury, comfortable fabrics and versatile furniture items.

You may not believe but start experimenting with the small things and you will see how a coat of paint or change in cabinets’ design can completely transform the space and make it look like a new one. Change the window size and allow the ample natural light and you will see sudden warmth in the space.

Its time to give your bathroom an uplift because like every other sections, bathrooms are serving multi functions for us. Therefore, re-think that how can you uplift this space, whether uproot your bathtub and install a shower enclosure or replace the old rusty fixtures with brand-new chrome ones or hang a frame inside the bathroom.

Another interior decor trend that is swiftly cementing its place, is subway tile. Though it’s not new, but it’s such a versatile and classic choice that it works with almost all kinds of styles.

Longer gone are the days when only a big house with larger porch or veranda was considered trendy. Now the shift is turning towards smaller houses constructed in a way that give a spacious and chic look. Unnecessarily stuffed houses are no more in trend; rather the latest approach involves constructing simpler but stylish houses.

The benefits of technological developments are not only confined to one sector, rather everyone including the construction and interior designing industry is making the most of it. Now, using the latest and the smarter construction equipment and materials, architects construct the homes that are resistant to heat and cold. For this purpose, different kinds of insulations are installed to make a house more energy efficient.